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Flash animation ecards Pulanglah
eCards Flash: Pulanglah
Song by: Aishah
Photo Taken by: magitek.nu/wallpapers
Flash created by: lin

Download Aishah - Pulanglah MP3 at eZone4U

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  1. alamak apsal kad raya MP3 ni semua xleh nak paste kat comment...x kuar langsung...! x best arrr camni!

  2. sorry aniza, and all ... sbb terpaksa tukar hosting flash ke tempat lain..jadi mana2 ecomment yg dah hantar terdahulu dah tak dpt pakai dah..

    skrg dah tukar ke mystashfile.. harap2 hosting nih ok kot.. lagi pun file dah kasi kecik ..

  3. salam pada semua member di imesh jugak di taggedmail..selamat hari raya maaf zahir bathin


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